Japanese RV Camping Car Style Book


Interest in camper vans is surging not only in Japan but across the globe. Particularly in Japan, this trend has been amplified by the current boom in outdoor activities.

You might wonder, what exactly constitutes a Japanese camper van, and how does it differ from those in other countries? The answer lies in their “compact and functional” design, optimized for Japan’s terrain and road conditions. These camper vans are equipped with multi-functional features within a small body to navigate Japan’s narrow roads, and are cleverly designed to ensure comfort even in tight spaces.

This book zeroes in on such unique camper van designs found in Japan, delving deep into the subject. While not widely known outside Japan, there’s a rich uniqueness embodied in Japanese camper vans. This e-book, based on visits to Japanese camper van exhibitions, elucidates the distinctive features of camper vans in Japan.

Author:Kentaro Matsumoto






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